Friday, August 6, 2010

Flag Illumination

The US Flag is the most widely recognized symbol of the United States recognizing our country as a nation, state and government with policies and ideas. It represents US; the United States of America, and should be flown with respect and with proper etiquette. There are many tips for proper display of the US Flag one of which is flag illumination. When flown at night, the US Flag should be illuminated so that the stars and stripes can be seen clearly from a reasonable distance. If there is no light to illuminate the flag, it must be taken down each night and never flown in the dark. The flag can then be flown during daylight hours. Because the US Flag is a symbol of respect for our beloved country, we must display it as such with proper lighting. offers wholesale prices and dependable quality, always! We sell a wide range of US Flags and Flag Poles to show your patriotism at your residence or commercial location. The Outdoor US Flags are often flown and often attached to our Fiberglass Sectional Flagpole or our Telescoping Flag Pole to complete the exterior look of your home or commercial location. Order yours today!

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